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Thank you SO much for your interest in this new local service! I look forward to nourishing you and your family!


To sign up for your two week trial, just fill out the contact information below indicating your preference for number of meals and portion sizes each week and whether you would like pick-up or delivery service.
Sign up by Thursday night each week in order to receive meals on Tuesday and/or Thursday the following week.


You will then receive two emails from The first will have account set up details and payment options (including a convenient online option); the second will contain menu options and a link to select your first week of meals. Click here to view some past menus.


Your meals arrive! Either pick them up from our large insulated lock box at the Hood River News entrance or find them delivered to your doorstep ($5 extra) on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays between 4:45pm-6pm. Each order comes in matching reusable glass containers wrapped in an individually labeled tote (a fully refundable $40 deposit will be included in your first payment).


Enjoy your healthy, delicious local meal that was prepared epecially for you while you kick back and relax.


Then simply leave your tote and clean containers in exchange for your next meal. Your first two weeks are a trial period; then join one month at a time. Each Monday you’ll receive a new menu to choose from.

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Number of servings per meal ($35 for 2 servings/ $60 for 4 servings)
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Allergies/Dietary Restrictions
Please make note of any dietary restrictions I should be aware of. I am happy to accommodate whenever possible.

How did you find out about Wy’Eats?
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Please add delivery service to my subscription for an additional $5 per order. Meals will be delivered to the address listed above (some locations may not be eligible for delivery).
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