What is Wy’Eats?

Based on the CSA model, Wy’Eats partners with local farmers and producers weekly to source ingredients and create a new seasonal menu of nutrient-dense foods. We source only the highest quality whole food ingredients. Meals are veggie-centric and include a guiltless treat to fill that end -of -the-meal flavor gap. Choose between pick-up or delivery options to receive nutritious and convenient meals each week.

The Inside Scoop

  • Sign up for a two-week trial before committing to a monthly subscription
  • Select from ever-changing menus online each week
  • Service offered on Tuesdays & Thursdays with pick-up and delivery in Hood River (pickup coming to White Salmon soon)
  • Meals packaged in reusable oven safe glassware to prevent waste and enable easy reheating.
  • Cost per meal: $35 for 2 servings / $60 for 4 servings

Want to try it? To sign up, please complete the online application.

Farms We Work With

Meet Sarah

Hi! I’m Sarah. I’m passionate about delicious food and The Gorge. Wy’Eats celebrates both while promoting health and saving you time. In 2015, following a 15-year career in human resources management, I decided that it was time I transformed my passions into my job. Over the past couple of years, I’ve completed a plant-based culinary certificate program, successfully grown a bed & breakfast, wedding and event venue and just recently earned the designation of Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN) through The Wellspring School for Healing Arts in Portland.

Real food is an integral part of a balanced diet. The best thing that we can do for our health is to feed ourselves lovingly prepared whole foods produced within our community. That being said, not all of us possess the resources or desire to prepare nutritious meals each day. This is where I can help. Wy’Eats is my contribution to your time and wellness!

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